Themes and Topics

The theme of the 9th APRU Research Symposium on Multi-hazards around the Pacific Rim is “integrated management and perspective strategy for reducing risk of multi-hazards”.  Scholars and experts from around the Pacific Rim and APRU universities will share and exchange inter-disciplinary knowledge on multi-hazard researches. In the two-day symposium, discussion over hazard-related issues should enhance mutual ties between APRU faculty, government, business and community partners to foster integration of hazard prediction, mitigation and recovery, and provide solutions to regional and global challenges. Symposium topics include:

  Multi-hazards induced by extreme weather

  Multi-hazards induced by earthquake

  Multi-hazards induced by volcanic activity

  Air pollution and haze related issue

  Disaster risk assessment and impact analysis

  Advanced research on monitoring, sensing, nowcasting and forecasting

  Disaster management and education

  Post-disaster recovery and reconstruction

  Disaster health and emergency management