General Information


The Association of Pacific Rim Universities was established in 1997 with leading universities across the America, Asia and Australasia. APRU anticipate 34 charter members become more effective contributors to the development of an increasingly integrated Pacific Rim community. In our community, similar geographical situations have united us and given us the opportunity to encounter and resolve a variety of challenges. The 9th APRU Research Symposium on multi-hazards brings scientists, engineers, social and medicine experts, other scholars, and leaders in public policy and government together to learn from those who have confronted crises and practiced strategies for reducing risks of natural hazards.

The symposium will focus on related topics of multi-hazards induced by extreme weather, earthquake, volcanic activity and haze pollution. Other issues are also included such as advanced monitoring and forecasting techniques, risk assessment, disaster health and emergency management, disaster education, and post-disaster recovery. All the participants are encouraged to join discussion and exchange experience throughout the symposium.