Taipei 101(台北101)

An outstanding landmark is enough to transform a city, e.g. the Empire State Building in New York City, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the new Jinmao Mansion in Shanghai. In the 21st century, Taipei needs a more expansive stage for a more brilliant performance. 101 stories above ground and 5 stories below, the 508-meter-tall Taipei 101 is an engineering feat that’s expected to bring Taipei to the world.

With the grand opening of the office tower, TAIPEI 101 hosted an inauguration ceremony on December 31, 2004 to celebrate the start of a new era. The celebration reached its climax at night when the main tower was lit and fireworks were displayed to welcome the coming of 2005: a new year for Taipei 101 to shine.

In February 2005 the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation signed a lease with TAIPEI101. Soon after that on April 18 The Bayer Group became the first transcontinental company to move into the TAIPEI 101 Financial Building. Winterthur Insurance Group, ABN AMRO Bank and GOOGLE become our valued tenants. With the growing interests from global enterprises, TAIPEI 101 has proven to be a beacon of Taiwan’s economical progress.


5F Ticket Booth & Lift

Entrance After buying tickets, visitors may watch the multimedia show or visit the souvenir Shop before riding the elevators. TAIPEI 101 Observatory’s elevators are Guinness Record-breaking high-speed pressurized elevators in 2004, with a speed of 1010 meters per minute. It takes only 37 seconds to reach the 89th Floor


89F Indoor Observatory

At 382 meters above the ground the 89F Observation Floor offers visitors a commanding view of the city and Taipei Basin at all directions. The world’s largest damper, weighing 660 metric tons, is also exhibited at this level. The Observatory is equipped with high-power binoculars, drinks bar, image services, pre-recorded audio tour guides in seven languages, & souvenir shops.


91F Outdoor Observatory

The Outdoor Observatory is only open on certain occasions and weather permitting. The Outdoor Observatory, accessible from the 89th Floor through a flight of stairs, offers a totally different viewing experience.




一座傑出的地標建築,足以改變這個城市。如同帝國大廈之於紐約、艾菲爾鐵塔之於巴黎、更如晚近的金茂大廈之於上海,面對二十一世紀,台北需要更寬廣的舞台、更亮眼的演出,高度508公尺,地上101層,地下5層的TAIPEI 101專案即是「將台北帶向全世界」(Bringing Taipei to the world )的希望工程。


TAIPEI 101在93年12月31日舉行大樓開幕典禮,除了宣示TAIPEI 101進入全新的營運階段,當晚的跨年點燈配合炫麗耀眼的煙火秀,更是成功的向世人宣告TAIPEI 101的時代來臨;94年2月,台灣證券交易所正式簽約宣布進駐,4月18日,德國拜耳公司更成為第一家進駐的跨國企業,緊接著包括瑞泰人壽、荷蘭銀行、Google等國內外一流企業進駐,101商圈已經成為台灣經濟發展的重要指標。