Poster Award

2013 APRU Student Poster Competition Result

  1. The Gold Award: Yuan-Chien Lin (Poster ID: 81)
  2. The Silver Award: Fong-Zuo Lee (Poster ID: 96)
  3. The Bronze Award: Tzong-Hann Wu (Poster ID: 39)
  4. The Excellent Award: Bruno Adriano (Poster ID: 56), Shin-Min Huang (Poster ID: 13), Cheng-Chia Huang (Poster ID: 101), Er-Xuan Sung (Poster ID: 35), and Chin-Wei Liu (Poster ID: 44)


2013 APRU Student Poster Competition

APRU 2013 will present Poster award to outstanding student poster(s). Students need to display their posters in the poster room (Alexandria Chamber) before 9:30am on October 28; the poster exhibition will open after October 28 10:00am. The Guideline of Student Poster Competition is listed below:


The Center for Weather Climate and Disaster Research (WCDR) at National Taiwan University will hold the ninth symposium of the 2013 APRU symposium series on Multi-hazards from 28-29 October 2013 at the GIS KMU Convention Center. The event invites experts and scholars in the fields of Atmospheric Sciences, Hydrological Sciences, Geological Sciences, Social Sciences, and Disaster Prevention and Response, sharing their latest research results and promoting international communication and cooperation. Additionally, to encourage youths in these fields to become more involved in research and innovation, the symposium will also hold a Student Poster Competition with generous prizes. We welcome undergraduate and graduate students or recent graduates to actively participating in the event!

Judge Board

Chief of Judge: Prof. Takako
Member of Judge: Prof. Hugo Romero, Prof. Yuichi Ono, Prof. John Rundle, Prof. Robert Fovell, Prof. Tso Chien Pan, and Prof. Hung-Chi Kuo.


  1. The poster presentation will be evaluated based on: clarity of expression, poster structure, research method, and research results. Each of these criteria is equally important in the judging process. The total score would be forty points.
  2. The participant must present his or her poster in 3 minutes, and will be disqualified if absent during the time of poster competition session.
  3. The place of each poster will be determined by the summation of the places given by each judge. The poster with minimum summation is the Gold Award. The places of the posters with same summation will be determined by discussion of judges.


  1. The awardees will receive an Award Certificate with prize: The Gold Award with USD 500 for the winner of the poster competition, The Silver Award with USD 300 for the 2nd runner up, The Bronze Award with USD 200 for the 3rd runner up, and the excellent awards with USD 100 each for the 4th to 8th.
  2. Every participant will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Important Dates

  1. Competition time: 28 October 2013 4:10PM ~ 5:10PM @ Poster Room (Alexandria Chamber)
  2. Announcement of competition result: 28 October 2013 5:30 PM @ Poster Room (Alexandria Chamber)
  3. The prize giving ceremony: 29 October 2013 3:50~4:35PM @ Room B (Michelangelo Chamber)